Get inspired! Watch stories about the magic that unfolds when families read together.

Reading together changes lives and creates joyful memories for everyone. Browse fun ways to read together and see what other families are doing.

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Newberry Author Shares the Joy of Reading

Award-winning children’s author, Kwame Alexander, joins his wife and daughter to discuss why reading together as a family is important.

Losing Yourself in the Story While Reading Together

Augusta and her children Damien, Tiffany, and Zimora discuss what it feels like to get swept up in the magic of a good story.

Memories of Reading Together

The Frost and Miller families share positive memories about how reading together has helped to shape their family dynamic, change their lives, and create joyful memories.

Reading Together – A Family Tradition

Frances and her daughter Natalie talk about a tradition that has been passed down in their family involving reading on a particular day each year.

Reading Together – Quality Family Time

In a large family of eight, the Millers know the importance of spending quality time together. Here, Olivia, Owen, Tessa, and their mother Laura describe the joy that comes about when taking the time to read together as a family.

Reading Together and Learning Together

It's always fun to read with other loved ones! The Ruiz family enjoys reading together because it provides an activity that they can all do together at night.

Reading Together in Favorite Places

Juliet sits down with her children, Kakii and Kioko to talk about learning how to read and their favorite place to read at home.

Reading Together Opens New Worlds

What makes reading cool? Daniel and his dad Paul talk about the the vast possibilities that are provided when picking up a great book to read.

The Magic of Reading Together

The Frosts and Millers talk about the magic of reading together as a family — how it has brought them closer together, helped them to live the story, and taught them more about each other.