Family Reading Ideas

When families read together over the summer break, learning happens alongside the fun. Start the journey today and make memories with your family using our fun reading ideas.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Together

  • Read a book together and use sidewalk chalk to draw your favorite scenes or your favorite characters outside your home.
  • Take a walk in the woods and find some wildflowers. Take them home and press them in waxed paper between the pages in a heavy book until the end of the summer.
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt and find items that your favorite character might need or see in their story.

Create Great Memories

  • Host a scary slumber party and invite a few friends. Take turns reading aloud from your favorite scary books, like the “Goosebumps” series.
  • If you take a trip over the summer, buy postcards each day for your kids to write down the best parts of the day. Take them home and make a summer vacation collage!
  • Send an email to yourself each week over the summer with a paragraph about your favorite adventures. At the end of the summer, compile a “My Summer Vacation” book and add drawings or photos.

Make Family Snapshots

  • Have everyone in the family create summer journals. Each night, take time to write about the best thing that happened that day, and then take turns sharing your entries with each other.
  • Create a family letterhead template and have your kids use it to write letters to friends or relatives to tell them about their summer vacations.
  • Let your kids be cooks for a day. Have them find recipes they’d like to try, shop with them to get the ingredients and then help them prepare the family meal!

Play Silly Games Together

  • Read a book with neighborhood kids and then create a show acting it out for other families.
  • Invite friends over for a “Come as Your Favorite Character” party. Have each guest name the book their character came from, and why they chose that character.
  • Read “Alice in Wonderland” together and then throw a tea party. You and your children can dress up as the different characters!

Spark Creativity

  • Help your children write their own stories. Encourage your child to write stories based on his or her experiences or favorite characters from other books, movies or TV shows.
  • Print or write the lyrics from some of your child’s favorite songs. Have your child read the lyrics out loud, and sing them together.
  • Create a family history book. Fold pieces of paper in half and staple them to form the book. Ask your child to write sentences on each page about family members and add illustrations. Write and illustrate some stories about your own childhood as well!