Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is the challenge?

The Family Reading Challenge will kick off July 1 and run until July 31 with daily incentives to keep you reading with your family. Need ideas? Check out the Family Reading Ideas page.

How do I participate?

Visit our sign up page and get started. You will receive challenge updates, get ideas for reading with your family and may qualify for cool prizes!

Use the hashtag #FamiliesRead on social media to share those special moments that happen when you read together. Inspire others to read together, too!

Who can participate in the challenge?

Anyone can participate! When families read together, magic happens. Whether you are a teacher, parent, grandparent, caregiver or community leader, you have the power to bring the joy of reading to a child. Sign up now.

How much do I have to read?

It’s up to you! Choose a goal that pushes you and your family to take time and read together. We suggest starting with a goal of four books (one per week), but choose a number that is right for you. Visit our tools page for fun reading ideas.

What do I get for participating?

What you gain from reading together as a family is immeasurable. Reading books together creates once-in-a-lifetime joys, memories, adventures and conversations. Your child—no matter the age—will be inspired to make reading a habit and learn along the way. And you can leave a lasting impact on other families by inspiring them with your stories about the magic that happens when families read together.

Don’t forget, by taking the National PTA Family Reading Challenge, you may also win cool prizes! National PTA and Kindle will announce opportunities to win throughout the month of July. Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss any updates.

How can I tell my friends about the campaign?

After you complete the challenge sign up, you can share your participation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Throughout the month of July, use the hashtag #FamiliesRead on social media to show your commitment to the PTA Family Reading Challenge!

Get others excited about taking the challenge. Share PTA Family Reading social media graphics along with your stories about what reading together as a family means to you.

Family Fun


If you take a trip over the summer, buy postcards each day for your kids to write down the best parts of the day. Take them home and make a summer vacation collage!

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