When families read together, moments turn into memories that can last a lifetime. When families read together over the summer break, learning happens alongside the fun.

Studies show that reading daily during summer break is the most important activity to prevent learning loss, especially for younger students. However, busy activity schedules can make it challenging to keep reading a priority, especially by the middle of the summer.

That’s why National PTA and Kindle created the PTA Family Reading Challenge, a campaign to inspire families to keep learning alive by reading great books together. In July, National PTA will empower families to read together by sharing tips and activities that encourage ongoing reading.

Families can participate in the PTA Family Reading Challenge—and win great prizes—by sharing photos, videos and memories that demonstrate how and why reading together is a fun and treasured family activity.

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  • Use the hashtag #FamiliesRead on social media to share how you read together with your family and to be entered to win possible prizes.


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Family Fun


Have everyone in the family create summer journals. Each night take time to write about the best thing that happened that day and then take turns sharing your entries with each other.

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